Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weekly Fritatta

So one of the weekly items I will be making to save money is some sort of egg dish. I love fritattas and could eat them every week. I feel like I have to jazz them up a bit to pursuade my husband to feel the same way. Tonight I will make a fritatta with frozen spinach ($1), eggs from Aldi ($1.09), and swiss cheese from my local grocery store (Big Y brand $2). I also use a little milk, salt, and pepper. We used up our salad last night (in the old days I would just go out and buy more) so we'll have whole wheat toast on the side.

My husband loved the black bean patties last night. I liked the flavor and the yogurt sauce was yummy. However, I thought the patties were on the dry side. I guess that's just what happens with a dish like this. I would make it again though. My son didn't partake in the meal.

So this brings me a dilema that many parents face. If your child doesn't like what's being served...what to do? I will not cook two meals. I just can't and I don't want a child who only eats chicken nuggets. I always wondered how children get to this point and now I know...if you only give them chicken nuggets...that's what they'll eat. So my son ate a few bites of his bean pattie and some frozen peas and that was it for him. It is hard to listen to the protests but he got over it and ate a wonderful breakfast this morning.

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