Thursday, January 7, 2010

How much does that oil cost?

About two moths ago we (my husband, son, dog, cat, and I) moved into a new home. We were so excited to have more space and get out of our condo! We also entered the world of oil heating. Everyone said that we would love it. Being the frugal homemaker that I am we have had the heat set to 60 degrees since we moved in. It gets cold in Connecticut so we have been slightly chilly since winter set in. My son is sleeping in double PJ's with a blanket now and we wear extra sweatshirts around the house. All the frugal heating has also made us a joke in the family. My father-in-law won't take his jacket off when he comes over. Everyone thinks we're cheap and we're just so afraid of an expensive heating bill.
So for month #1 we recieved our first oil delivery. They only had to fill 1/4 of the tank and it was $! That's a lot...what are we going to do when it gets really cold. So we then set forth on month number two dreading that next bill. We kept the heat at 60 degrees and endured another month of cold family members making fun of us...oh well!
Today I returned home and was looking out the side window of the house and noticed that there were tire marks in the snowy grass....uh oh! I ran to the mailbox to get the bill and was hoping that all those chilly nights under the blanket were paying off...$455. To heat the house? And we weren't really heating it to it's fullest potential...we have to pay that and we've been cold?
So here is my new mission....stay cold and try to save money another way to pay for these heating bills...
My new mission is to totally live out the contents of our fridge and freezer before going to the store. I've tried this before but not "really". If we can make it through the weekend and not go to the store or out to eat, we can save at least $50-$100. That will help pay that bill and I will feel a little "warmer" inside!

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