Friday, January 8, 2010


That's right...a dog costs money. Not every day...but when they need costs money. Our poor Libby threw up her expensive food today, so off we went to the vet. Some prodding and 2 shots later we are out $120. So I'm starting to think I can't make this money up over the weekend. I did, however, cook eggs for dinner. And we are not going out to diner this weekend! That's a start right? We also have to buy some birthday gifts this weekend and I want to do a grocery shopping. The positive about not leaving the house today is that I didn't really spend money.
I feel like every time I leave the house I spend money on something. I don't go shopping for things I don't need, I just feel like I always have a list of stuff we need. Right now on that list is a filter for the vaporizor and a basket for bath toys. I'm starting to put off buying things on the list and see if I really need them. I think we may be able to do without the basket for bath long as he doesnt' get any new ones. I think I may need that filter because my poor coughing little boy can't use the vaporizor without it!
Do you every put off purchases to see if you really need them? It actually works. That's one of those easy things that people always recommend doing to save money.
Stay tuned....hopefully I'll start to get some pictures on here at some point!

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