Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I love Pasta!

Hello all...how's the day going? I have to first comment on the chickpea curry that I made for dinner last night. My house, hair, and clothing smells like curry. Even my car for some reason which doesn't make sense. The chickpeas didn't taste like curry. They just weren't very good. It was a cost effective dinner but I won't make it again. I was thinking that I would look for a better recipe but I just think I'll stick to Indian food out. I just don't like the smell in my house.

So on the list today is plain old pasta and sauce. I buy the whole wheat pasta from Aldi for $1.04 per box and their sauce for $1. I actually love their sauce. It's on the sweeter side which I like. I also bought salad for $2.99 and will only use half and save the rest for tomorrow night. I bought cremini mushrooms on a whim since they were on sale for $1.50. I'll add those to my sauce tonight and use them in a frittata later in the week.

I'm trying to make a pasta dish once a week and an egg dish once a week to save money. I try to be creative by adding different veggies each week. I may take a week off now and then to prevent boredom but it's working for us!

I would ultimately like to keep our food bill around $50/week. Sometimes when I buy coffee in bulk it's higher. I also don't count things for the home in my food bill like paper towels and TP. I buy all of that in bulk at BJ's. I also buy all my baby items there like diapers and wipes.

I wanted this blog to be about everything I spend money on and ALL the ways I try to save money but the more I write, the more I realize that most of my time is spend with meal planning and how to cut our grocery bill. I think from now on I'll just focus on that!

Happy Saving!

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