Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So many things!

Welcome to my blog! I want to tell you a little bit about myself first and what has prompted me to start this blog in the first place! I am a mother, teacher, and stay-at-home mom. I took the leap 17 months ago when my son was born and decided to leave my teaching job to stay home with him. I was determined to make it work financially. I started with a little accordian file to keep all my reciepts and coupons in. I tracked all of our spending on little pieces of scrap paper for the past year. I struggled a lot along the way. Not just with saving money, but with making decisions for our family that may not always be the most cost efficient. (i.e. going on a family vacation to San Francisco or buying that $4 latte becuase I just thought I really needed it)

I then got to thinking that I needed to be a little more organized about this. I learned a lot using my little pieces of scrap paper, but I wanted to do more. I also thought it would be great to share my ideas and all the information I've learned with the world! So here you go "world"! This blog will contain my daily spending information as well as little tips on cooking, cleaning, and spending in the real world! I may also throw in some motherly advice and gripes here and there along with my struggles to find part-time teaching work! So this blog is a little of this and a little of that! In other life! Enjoy!

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