Friday, January 8, 2010

More money????

We spent more money yesterday after my post...ugh! Our dog, Libby, has been getting sick. We started researching her food and found out that it is being investigated. It's been making a lot of dogs sick and even killing some of them. So my husband went out to the pet store and now our dog is eating very safe/expensive dog food.
This leads me to the discussion that I have with my husband often. In an attempt to save money we use less expensive items. In the long run, however, it ends up costing us more because we have 1/2 a 40lb. bag of dog food that we can't use now. If we had let it go we may have also had an expensive vet bill. So I have learned that Libby's sensitive stomach will only save us money if we treat it sensitively. So now I must find another way to make up that extra money spent. My idea is to not go out to dinner on Saturday. And we always go out to dinner on Saturday. I think I can tempt my husband to stay in with homemade nachos. I have the leftovers for this meal but he probably won't see it as leftovers since it's a treat that we normally wouldn't have for dinner. I'll keep you posted!

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